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Layout Settings

You can control Page Settings from Customizer > General > Layout :

Individual Page Control :

Page Settings under each page enable you to take control over any specific page. Currently it has few options but we will add more options eventually. 

Global Sidebar Layout

You can control Page Settings from Customizer > General > Sidebar :

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One Comment

  • Hi,
    Meanwhile, I have noticed 2 problems with the theme page;
    Using Potter Child theme.

    1. Home Page- it’s not mobile responsive and doesn’t sit in the center of the screen.
    Device used is : Samsung s10e (small screen) but works on any other 6inch android screens.
    I have even changed the mobile responsive breakpoint width to 360 from the customizer.
    Please suggest?

    2. Where can I change the button colour for “add to cart” button in the child theme?

    Novice user: hence the questions ( if you find them silly)

    Await yours.



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